V steam Herbs

V steam Herbs

This ancient holistic practice helps cleanse the vaginal canal and womb space, aiding in the healing of various womb issues. Different blends can help during your V steam.  If you have a pacific issue always lets me know so we can tackle the issue together.


Our Blends


Rejuvenate: Gentle detox blend

Beyond 28: For cycles longer than 28 days apart

Uterine fatigue: For heavy cycles, spotting bleeding in between cycles

Isis fertility: Help to increase ovulation

To an end: Pre/post menopausal symptoms

PCOS: Helps to reduce cyst, regulate hormones

BV/Yeast: Promotes purging to alleviate bacteria and odor

Fibroid blend: Promotes circulation and nutrients to the womb space, and reduces cyst in size.

Wet: Increases vaginal lubrication, improves libido

HPV: A blend of antiviral herbs to help nourish and cleanse the womb

Endometriosis: reduces pelvic pain, provides nutrients to uterus, reduces inflammation and pelvic congestion.

Herpes: Soothes irritation, nourishes the perineal tissues, reduces pain and inflammation

Fit for a King: Promotes vitality, energy, nourishes prostate, provides hemorrhoid support and detoxification.


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