Tummy Tuck

Immediately after tummy tuck surgery, patients are likely to see a difference in the look and projection of their abdomen. However, it may not resemble the flat tummy they expected. Over the following few days, they may grow concerned when the tummy does not flatten and maybe even appears more protruded than after surgery. Reassuring patients that the tummy takes time to heal can help, but also frustrate them because there is nothing to do but wait. When does the tummy become flat after tummy tuck?

The amount of time it takes for the abdomen to heal and the final results come in varies from patient to patient. Typically, within three to four months, patients should have little visible swelling left. Yet, it can take a full year for their final results to totally come in. Swelling is often the main culprit of why the tummy may not look flat during recovery. As this resolves, the tummy will begin to show it’s new shape.


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